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"It's Still Me"
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Mei Hua
Its me

Mei Hua with the words "It's Me"

Species Gargoyle
Gender Female
Age 14(possibly)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Greyish Blue
Teeth Shape Sharp
Aliases Foxy's Wife, Pirate Girl
Position Discontinued(gameplay), Pirate
Status Alive

Mei Hua is a humanoid girl counterpart for Foxy. She is seen in Five Nights at Tiwa's gameplay.

Appearances Edit

First game Edit

Mei Hua has an eye-patch, a hook and shredded clothes, just like Foxy. She has greyish blue hair, a pair of green irises, and sharp teeth. Mei Hua had her whole left arm completely bald, leaving her endoskeleton behind. Her left leg is also the same as her left arm. Mei Hua seems to have no toes instead of two.

Second Game Edit

Mei Hua looks much different from Foxy. She has now two shredded arms instead of one. Her hook turned dangerous and much sharper. Her irises also goes bigger.

Third Game Edit

She has the same appearance as what she done in the second game, except that her right arm where her hook should be went missing, and the hand is in the box with the other toy box.

Behavior Edit

First Game Edit

Like Foxy, Mei Hua also hide behind the Pirate Cove for the whole first game. She just have the same exact behavior, just look at it, she is a pirate, she is scapped, she has sharp teeth, a lot like Foxy. In this game, she also have a mind like Foxy, such as she is easily triggered to get towards the player when you check her too much or too little.

= 2nd Game Edit

In the second game, Mei Hua is much different. She can go to almost every cameras after she left the pirate cove until she stop by your office. Like Foxy, She can be chased away by the flashlight. The Freddy Mask wouldn't work on her either.

3rd Game Edit

In the third game, Mei Hua will mysteriously appear in front of the box after some nights had been beaten. If the monitor is not up the time the player sees her, she screams as she lunges at you.