Sfm fnaf animatronics by lonewolfhbs-d87q9pg

From left to right, Goldie, Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy and Chica.

Thank you by smashingrenders-d8hlvw7

All the cute animatronics made using Blender.


Uncolor Drawkill animatronics.

Gmods is also fully named Garry's Mod. Gmod is made using Source Flimmaker, which you need to download this software to create animations.

How To Create Animations With Gmod Edit

Gmod is an incredible animator with the use of source flimmaker. Also, you need to know everything of source flimmaker before making an animations. Five Nights at Freddy's Models are really hard to use, especially Foxy model.

If the creator wants to make an animation, download Steam first, and then install Source Filmmaker to begin a project. Also, the creator can download Gmod by subscibing them on Steam. When the project is starting, at first download(unless you had already installed) a Gmod Map. Then put poses on the models you added to make a project.

Blender(cute) Animatronics Edit

The blender animatronics are the most cutest animatronics(i swear i almost die of cuteness). These animatronics are created using Blender. Also, these projects are the only projects not created using Source Flimmaker for an animation, instead they make their own animations with Blender themselves.

Blender is an extremely hard to use software, it may take up to 5 years to know how to use for newer users. Please create animatronics with Blender I swear I love cuties like these.

Drawkill Animatronics Edit

Drawkill animatronics are harder to use than original Gmod models. These models can be seen rarely on YouTube, as it is really hard to use. The Drawkill seems to be more advanced and more realistic looking than the originals. Also, its model can be used using Source Flimmaker.