Pirate Cove
Pirate Cove

Pirate cove nocamera


Foxy coming out


Foxy, about to run


Foxy left


This happens rarely, with the sign changes to "It's Me".

Sfm fnaf foxy the pirate cove poster by pft production-d8j3zfg

Foxy did Phrase 2 in Gmod.

Type Circular side-stage
Owner Foxy
Color(s) Shimmery Purple with white stars

This is Foxy's starting location in the first game, and the 'home' most associated with Foxy.

Appearances Edit

Game Edit

Pirate Cove is a circular stage closed off by a large purple-colored curtain, decorated with stars and sparkles. There stands a sign, also decorated with stars, in front of the curtain that reads, "Sorry! Out of Order," which sometimes changes to "IT'S ME" when Foxy leaves. The floor of the cove is highly reflective, as it can be seen reflecting Foxy as he stands at the curtains. There are lights surrounding the curtain, that, should they be on, would illuminate the curtain as well as Foxy when he is in working order. Two light sconces can be seen on the back wall, one on either side of the curtain. There are also star decorations hanging from the ceiling, and the main floor of the Pizzeria is tiled black and white.

Information Edit

As this is where Foxy stays, in the first game, everybody seems to have their eyes on Pirate Cove to check Foxy to make sure he is not aggressive enough to attack them. But there were a few appearances due to Foxy's phrases.

  1. The curtains are closed, as Foxy is inside.
  2. The curtains are opened a bit, showing some parts of Foxy's body, with Foxy peering at the camera.
  3. The curtains gets wider, as Foxy is outside the curtains.
  4. The curtains are entirely opened, and Foxy is nowhere to be seen in this phase.

On rare screens, the sign will change into "It's Me" instead of "Sorry, Out of Order!". This is may be due to the hallucinations. This only happens when Foxy is not in sight.

When Foxy's A.I. levels are set to an extremely high difficulity, he will return back to phrase 2 instead of

Gmod Edit

Pirate's Cove is also avaliable for GMod!

The Pirate Cove in Gmod seems to be smaller than the gameplay. The sign the gameplay may have gone missing, has not been placed or is just not available in the photos.

Here we can now fully see what is inside the Pirate Cove. Inside it seems to have nothing inside(we don't know why Foxy enjoys there without anything), besides Foxy himself. The user in Gmod can put decorations there when using it.