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This page is about how Foxy spend his life.

Story Edit

In 1990, Foxy was born but thrown away and landed next to the dump. Sadly, Foxy just stay there, crying for almost three days. Foxy then stopped, he found an abandon house and try to fix the house all by himself. Almost like a month, the house is fully fixed. Foxy then spend his life alone as a baby in an abandoned but fixed house.

7 years later, Foxy then learn marital arts without going to school, as he learn them from watching television. Foxy then become the youngest fighter. Another 4 years pasted, Foxy is now a 12 year old teenager. Still, he didn't go to school at all but keep learning marital arts like insane. Foxy starts to join fighting competitions. Wining and wining, as he wins from country to the half of the world. Foxy didn't give up learning to fight.

2 years later, Foxy finally goes to school as fans keep wanting his autograph. Bullies in his school is also scared of him being the best fighter. Foxy then have a girlfriend named Mangle, which is a female fox with cute body. One Night when walking home alone, Mangle and Foxy met up some fighters. Screaming in fear, Mangle hides behind Foxy as he goes and fight the fighters. Fortunately, Foxy did win the war, but Mangle was strangled by one more fighter. Foxy kick the crap out of the fighter and tried to revive Mangle. But it didn't turn out. Mangle was then sent to the hospital.

Foxy, crying and begging Mangle to wake up. In sadness, Foxy quits schooling and learn even more about fighting. In WWE competitions, he won every single medal and prizes.